Our Story

Bill-Don-at-Counter-300x168Don Robson
Don Robson was born October, 1951. Locally raised and educated, Don began a jewelry apprenticeship under a local artisan in 1976. He later went on to open his first jewelry store on Niles Street named The Jewelry Development on April 1st of 1979. Don’s business remained there until 1999 when he partnered with Bill Eilers and formed Robson-Eilers at The Marketplace.

Bill Eilers
Owner Bill Eilers was raised in Bakersfield the son of a jeweler. Bill was brought up in his Father’s jewelry stores, Lanes Jewelers and Eilers Jewelers, which are both icons in downtown Bakersfield’s history. Bill attended and graduated from Gemological Institute of America and also graduated from the Ray Schow School of Diamond Setting in Portland, Oregon in 1984. Friends Bill and Don merged their businesses and formed Robson-Eilers Jewelers at The Marketplace in 1999.